Underground Utility and Drainage Systems Construction in the BC Lower Mainland

Why choose GDM for your utility and maintenance projects

Why choose GDM for utility construction and maintenance

As a premier provider in the utility construction and maintenance industry, GDM stands at the forefront of shaping and sustaining essential infrastructures in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. With a dedication to innovation, precision, and environmental responsibility, GDM offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning storm water management, sanitary systems, septic solutions, manhole installations, drainage systems, and culvert installations.

In all these categories, GDM’s utility construction and maintenance services are underpinned by cutting-edge technology, eco-conscious practices, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. Our comprehensive approach ensures the seamless integration of these essential utilities into the fabric of modern communities in the British Columbia Lower Mainland, fostering resilience, safety, and prosperity for generations to come. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring seamless operations, robust functionality, and long-lasting integrity. Join us in exploring how GDM’s utility construction and maintenance expertise continues to redefine the backbone of thriving communities and a sustainable future.

GDM Conctruction’s utility construction services

Storm and Sanitary Waterpipes

GDM’s prowess in storm and sanitary waterpipe construction and maintenance ensures the efficient management of rainfall and wastewater. Our team designs and installs robust systems that prevent flooding, erosion, and contamination, safeguarding both communities and the environment. From small-scale drainage solutions to large-scale stormwater management projects, GDM’s expertise ensures reliable conveyance and treatment of water, contributing to cleaner surroundings and sustainable urban development.


Manholes are the gateways to utility systems beneath the surface, facilitating access for inspection, maintenance, and repairs. GDM’s meticulous construction and maintenance of manholes ensure easy and safe entry points. Our engineering prowess ensures these structures are resilient to heavy traffic, environmental stresses, and corrosive elements. With our expertise, manholes become durable assets that enable swift and efficient management of underground utilities, enhancing overall infrastructure longevity.

Drainage Systems

GDM’s drainage system expertise is vital for efficient water management, preventing flooding and erosion while maintaining the integrity of infrastructure and landscapes. Our skilled professionals design and implement drainage solutions tailored to diverse environments, effectively directing excess water away from sensitive areas. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial sites, GDM’s drainage systems ensure sustainable water distribution, minimizing potential damage and ensuring a safe environment.

Septic Fields

GDM specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of septic fields, crucial components for properties not connected to municipal sewage systems. Our skilled professionals implement advanced techniques to create efficient and ecologically sound septic fields. By optimizing waste treatment and minimizing environmental impact, we offer property owners a safe and responsible solution for wastewater disposal, maintaining health and cleanliness while preserving natural ecosystems.


Culverts play a pivotal role in managing water flow, particularly in areas prone to heavy rainfall or flooding. GDM specializes in the construction and maintenance of culverts, designing them to handle varying water volumes while maintaining structural integrity. By providing smooth passage for water under roads, railways, and other structures, our culvert solutions contribute to uninterrupted transportation and infrastructure functionality, mitigating potential hazards and preserving community connectivity.

An overview of our process

Utility Construction Fraser Valley
  1. Site Preparation: Clearing and grading of land for utility infrastructure installation.
  2. Excavation and Trenching: Digging trenches for utility lines, pipes, and conduits.
  3. Concrete Work: Pouring concrete foundations, pads, and supports for utility equipment.
  4. Installation of Utility Structures: Setting up utility poles, manholes, vaults, and substations.
  5. Backfilling and Compaction: Filling trenches and excavations after utility installation and compacting the soil.
  6. Restoration and Landscaping: Restoring the landscape and surface features after utility work is completed.
  7. Conduit Installation: Installing conduit systems for utility cables and pipes.
  8. Access Road Construction: Building access roads for utility maintenance and construction vehicles.
  9. Utility Line Identification and Locating: Using equipment to identify and locate existing utility lines before construction.
  10. Utility Line Maintenance: Providing maintenance and repair services for utility infrastructure.
  11. Emergency Response: Responding to utility-related emergencies, such as leaks or outages.
  12. Site Surveying: Conducting surveys to determine the best routes for utility installation and ensure accurate placement.
  13. Environmental Compliance: Ensuring that utility construction adheres to environmental regulations and guidelines.
  14. Permitting and Regulatory Compliance: Assisting with obtaining necessary permits and complying with local regulations.
  15. Project Management: Overseeing the planning, scheduling, and coordination of utility-related construction projects.

See what our customers are saying about our Utilities & Maintenance services

Nathan Wilson

Working with the Greystone Design Management Construction team was a fantastic experience! Their team showcased a profound understanding of the complexities inherent in underground utility work, underscoring their unwavering dedication to excellence and safety throughout the project. The Greystone team collaborated closely with me, attentively listening to the distinct requirements and concerns of my project. Without a doubt, I would not hesitate to engage GDM Construction’s services again in the future!

Charles Moore

Having had my first experience working with the Greystone Design team, I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of a dependable construction company. They not only finished the project within the originally discussed timeline but also adhered to the budget. Their communication throughout the entire project was truly impressive. I consistently received updates on the progress, and if any potential challenges arose, I was promptly informed. This consistent transparency allowed me to stay well-informed and actively participate in decision-making. Such transparency instilled a sense of trust in the team that was invaluable.

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